Dreamfire – Atlantean Symphony

Dreamfire - Atlantean Symphony


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Dreamfire – Atlantean Symphony
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Dreamfire Music, 2012

Dreamfire started in 1999 as a symphonic musical project to explore ancient mysteries, magic, legends and majestic/epic themes. It’s the effort of a UK-composer and guitarist who has been a musician for almost 20 years. He regards the project as a conceptual manifestation of journeys through time, space and reality.

The full-length release “Atlantean Symphony” (or “Eternal Visions Through the Eyes of the Enlightened”) comes in a beautiful antique book format (19cm x 14cm). The conceptual project as such started about a decade ago, when the 3rd Dreamfire demo recording of the same name was released. Don’t be fooled though by the demo-recordings listed on the Dreamfire website, as the symphonic and anthemic music that graces Dreamfire’s debut “Atlantean Symphony” doesn’t sounds the least like that.

What we got here is 46 minutes of contemporary instrumental and classical-oriented music with a strong narrative and cinematic impact. The composer sees the sophisticated outcome as an enlightening journey offering a seamless musical journey into the deepest part of the soul.

A grand and detailed sounding virtual orchestra and choir is at play here, sensual and romantic at times, painting vast and heroic scenes of imaginary worlds beyond. It breaths a strong fantasy realm, and travels through the veil into a world of myth and legends as the dream gently unfolding layer after layer. In addition, there’s a profound sense of immersion running through the whole album, especially coming to full bloom on the seventh track “The Azure Mirror of Infinity” and the three-act title track.

All in all, the very well composed, produced and mastered “Atlantean Symphony” offers timeless and most rewarding music and a welcome mental massage for nowadays busy souls. In addition, it offers an opportunity for every listener to take the first step on the road into the world of fantasy and beyond.
Very well done, Paul!

P.S. The album was re-released in April 2014, though this time with 2 cd-only bonus tracks: “Moonlight Sonata (Mvt I – for piano and storm)” and “An Epitaph Engraved In Water MMXIV”

Website: www.dreamfiremusic.co.uk


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