Dreamstate – A Decade Dreaming

Dreamstate - A Decade Dreaming

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Dreamstate – A Decade Dreaming
CD-R, e-Space Editions, 2010

The Canadian duo ScotM2 (aka Scott McGregor Moore) and Jamie Todd, aka Dreamstate, are purveyors of deep ambient music. “A decade dreaming” is a collection of live pieces selected from 10 years of performances at the Ambient PiNG EM-festival.

As it is a retrospective recording, The twelve pieces include several interesting guest appearances by e.g. Eric Hopper (aka Sylken), James Johnson and Wally Jericho, guys who always have been around or involved in the Canadian Ambient PiNG community.

Listening and experiencing dreamSTATE’s music is a trip into the many dimensions and renditions of space, ranging from the cosmic to the slightly abstract. It sees dreamy and more progressive textural pads shapeshift and evolve along the way, occasionally with foreboding undercurrents and strange field recordings. This is adventurous, freeform ambient music meant for close and deeper listening but most of all an open and receptive mind.

“A decade dreaming” is available for free download as a 110 Mb Zip file from pingthings.com containing the full release in high quality 256kbps mp3 format along with artwork suitable for printing.

Website: www.dreamstate.to


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