D’Voxx – Télégraph

D’Voxx - Télégraph

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D’Voxx – Telegraph

Ian Boddy’s DiN label always had and still has a fine ear for alternative electronics and this debut release by D’Voxx a live electronic music project by Paul Borg and Nino Auricchio- is no exception.

On the 55-minute “Télégraph” the duo creates mellow, exciting sounding aural worlds and spherics of analogue origin derived from Eurorack sound modules and sequencers. Their futuresque music (featuring various station environmental sounds and announcements between the tracks) is spiraling and pulsating onward fluently, entering the dancy (Kraftwerk-like) domain on the title-piece and “Sklaka” while “Tempelhof” is made up of a sweeping cinematic-immersive cocktail of sounds and sequencer patterns. Other exciting pieces are elegant opener “Opera” along the hypnotizing “Akalia Söder” and the groovy “Dinamo” found on the second half.

Lined up next to e.g. Node, D’Voxx’s sound art speaks an accessible, progressive and slightly more melodic-angled voice.

Website: http://www.dvoxx.com


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