Dwight Ashley – Discrete Carbon

Dwight Ashley - Discrete Carbon

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Dwight Ashley – Discrete Carbon
CD, Nepenthe Music, 2004

Dwight Ashley, who I only knew from the music he did with Tim Story, characterizes his work as experimental. This is his first solo-album, containing unreleased ambient pieces from 1999-2003.

Although his compositions are rather dark, there’s also a certain expansiveness and intimacy found, as e.g. heard in “It happened in november”. So this seems a parallel to the work of Story. Despite the rough, light experimental edges of his music, there’s also a firm dosage of melancholy to be felt, nicely captured on “Katalepsis”.

Please beware, as experimental/scary territory is entered on tracks like “Three Insects”, “A Colossus Succumbs” and “Eat me, drink me”, so await some heavy stuff when you put on this record.
As unmentioned “bonus”, track 15 offers a short piece of piano music.

Website: www.dwightashley.com

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