Dwight Ashley & Tim Story – Drop

Dwight Ashley & Tim Story - Drop

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Dwight Ashley & Tim Story – Drop
CD, Lektronic Soundscapes, 1997

I must say the front cover of the cd-booklet coming with “Drop” is quite alarming, showing a figure falling from a high building. It already sets the mood for a darker-shaded recording by sound sculpture Dwight Ashley and multi instrumentalist Tim Story.

The introspective sonic outcome is a hybrid of soundscapes, shimmering synths and electronics paired with piano and quiet a lot of samples and sound experiments. Story’s minimalist approach is also present on this recording, but submerged in mystic, disturbing waves and something constantly foreboding. If you’re thinking to find smoothened and carefully moulded chamber-music as heard on Story’s solo albums, you best turn away from this one.

Then again, there’s something most intriguing and melancholic running through the mesmerizing, haunting and desolate music that kept my attention focused. Ambient fans though should make sure to put on their adventurous ears before ascending in this obscure pool of ambience and (atmo)spheres.

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