Echoflex – Echoflex I

Echoflex - Echoflex I

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Echoflex – Echoflex I
Digital Download,  SeeHear Recordings, 2020

“Echoflex 1” is an ambient recording by Echoflex, aka Plymouth-based composer and visual artist David Muddyman (also a member of the band Loop Guru) who lives close to the sea on the Devon/Cornwall border. He developed an interest in how emotions could be brought into a sound palette by changes of timbre, pitch and three-dimensional space and how to translate the hues in sky or landscape scenery into tonal variations within sound. As such his paintings are a pictorial response to the music and the music is an aural interpretation of the painting.

The four pieces, live recordings performed on modular synthesizers and meant to accompany an art exhibition of abstract landscape paintings, prove a minimalist and very tranquil soundscape affair of resonating, gliding textural waves.

Despite various focused listens I feel the soft wailing soundings remain too uniform and often become weary after a while. This long-form recording demands dedicated listening, endurance and quite a bit of patience.




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