Eddie Jobson – Theme of Secrets

Eddie Jobson - Theme of Secrets

Release data:

Eddie Jobson – Theme of Secrets
LP/CD, Private Music, 1985

When we have a look at ’80’s synth albums, Eddie Jobson’s “Theme of Secret” is a most interesting and creative one.

The 40-minute release, composed solely on the polyphonic Synclavier synthesizer offering lots sampling techniques to the user, sees Mr Jobson exercise his great playing skills and explore many of the instruments sounds and possibilities. It led to an alternative, unusual and fresh sounding result incorporating both progressive and abstract hooks.

Overall, there’s something truly surreal and rather otherworldly about most of the eight-track outcome, which also reveals several cinematic qualities. The melodic title track is the only piece with a more commercial appeal as all others branch out big time with creative and evocative sonic landscapes. If you love an innovative approach, the music of “Theme of Secret” has much to offer remaining unique in many ways and non-mainstream.

After this album, Eddie Jobson did another electronic album exclusively with the Synclavier called “Theme of Mystery” with an outcome depicted by the composer as being even darker and more filmic. That album though remains unreleased until now.



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