Edgar Froese – Pinnacles

Edgar Froese - Pinnacles

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Edgar Froese – Pinnacles
LP/CD, Virgin Records, 1983

Being fascinated by the outback found in Western Australia, Edgar Froese named his fifth album after strange stone figures found in Western Australia, north of Perth.

Sonically, “Pinnacles” lines up nicely next to TD’s output made at the beginning of the ’80’s (“Hyperborea”, “White Eagle”), and the sampling techniques, sequencing and layering of pads used then. I for one feel there’s a pleasant observing quality lingering in each of the four, gentle rhythmic and slow evolving tracks, most notably on the dreamy “Walkabout” and the soft glowing “The Light Cone”. Contrary to that, opener “Specific gravity of smile” features slices of mystery and tension. The faster-paced 22-minute title track extends on the albums repetitive, subtle and lush sound design with interlocking sequencer patterns and relaxed soundscaping.

Although not as expressive, captivating and properly produced as the TD works made in the same period, “Pinnacles” still offers a lot for an enjoyable listen.

Website: www.edgarfroese.com


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