Edward Rizo – Soundscapes Volume One

Edward Rizo - Soundscapes Volume One

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Edward Rizo – Soundscapes Volume One
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2010

This album comprises the first ambient excursions by Edward Rizo. From the start, there’s a desolate veil hanging over Rizo’s slow morphing textural dronescapes, as they drift and curl along in smooth elegancy.

The gradual ebb and flow of the synth washes on each track creates an introspective, pleasant mood of its own. Sometimes dreamy (“Bathyscaphe”) in nature, a bit ghostly (“Hypothermia”) or hypnotising, darkening (“Gestation”/ “Pressurization”), while certain atmospheric conditions (“Maw”) or a warm current are also noticeable at times.

Mind though “Soundscapes Volume One” is not an accessible ride into the chill-out comfort zone, but one roaming in the deep end, demanding focussed listening.
The album is available for free at the composer’s website.

Website: edwardrizo.bandcamp.com


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