Elektronische Maschine – Kampf

Elektronische Maschine - Kampf

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Elektronische Maschine – Kampf
CD, IntraPop, 2010

After seven years of work, the Dutch band Elektronische Maschine (by many associated with Kraftwerk) managed to put out their fifth album “Kampf “ (mastered by Eroc) at the end of 2010. The album’s concept deals with the permanent struggle against mediocrity, which in all its aspects can be observed effortless around our society.

The outcome on “Kampf” is very machine-like dance music incorporating heavy in-your-face electro beats and rhythms next to a small dash of synth-pop. Beside many repetitive structures, the 11 vocal tracks encompass a strong and profound robot/technological feel, expressing both bold power and artificial emotion.

Melody plays a minor role in this thunder trip through the darker side of electronic music (the first bonus piece “Electro Dance” is the only melodic and Kraftwerkian-tune found here), while a whole assortment of international original voices and vocals passes by in one continous go.
The one thing that don’t make sense to me are the two far too static and clean dance versions attached as bonusses to the original album.

All in all, “Kampf” (a movie without images according to the band members) makes a high-energy and dynamic exercise with just slight Kraftwerkian touches.



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