Elemental Journey – Absolute Ambient.com Volume 2

Elemental Journey - Absolute Ambient.com Volume 2

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Elemental Journey – Absolute Ambient.com Volume 2
CD, Green Nuns Music, 2005

What I got here is an album by UK musicians Matt Coldrick and Matt Hillier (aka Elemental Journey) featuring atmospheric and trippy ambient chill-out. It displays quite a varied of styles, all dedicated “to reminding us of our elemental relationship with the planet”.

It incorporates frantic drum and percussion on “Fire Dance”, the most energetic, psychedelic and weirdest evolving piece on the recording, while Asian flavors along bits of flute and acoustic guitar surface on the previous tracks. A Pink Floydish / Kruder & Dorfmeister feel shines through clearly on the second half of “The Band from Atlantis”. “Air”, the final track on the album, sonically tells the opposite as it actually leads the listener into the bubble on a 23-minute deep, hallucinogenic journey that comes close to Ishq, Matt Hillier’s own ambient project.

Make no mistake though: “Absolute Ambient Volume 2” is a peculiar mood album with strange intrinsic twists that only works and pays off when appreciated in the right frame of mind.

Website: www.mattcoldrick.com


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