Elve – Emerald

Elve - Emerald

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Elve – Emerald
CD, Virtualworld, 2010

Elve is one of Matt Hillier’s alter egos, of which “Emerald” is the second album.
One might say the stage for the “green” music on this 64-minute release is set in a tropical rainforest, as its continuous ambient soundscape has a certain tropical but also a strong otherworldly feel.

Elve’s music is centred around the idea of “plant intelligence” and the use of these plants to allow humans to see beyond the human realm and commune with the plant and devic kingdoms.
These lush sonic landscape pictures though are also abstract/experimental in form, so its hard and challenging opening up to this invocative music, which paints a landscape with sound and stimulating the senses as well as chilling them.

Immersive and made with headphone listeners in mind, “Emerald” is also psychedelic and imaginary electronics for the adventurous fans within the genre. Although this type of ambient has not my personal preference, it is very well made.

Website: virtual1.bandcamp.com


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