Emerge – Desecrate

Emerge - Desecrate

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Emerge – Desecrate
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Attenuation Circuit, 2013

Emerge is a drone-ambient project by Attenuation Circuit’s label owner Sascha Stadlmeier,aka Emerge. What I got here is a 3″ mini cd-r on which the minimal, slow morphing music of the 18-minute track takes on an “acousmatic” approach, merging experimental and abstract elements with darkening, organic-flavored soundscapes along totally meshed-up field recordings.

This bleak and unpolished sounding turmoil of overtly processed sound sources is not for the faint of heart, nor does the haunting but rather bland outcome come close to the more refined but still startlingly dark stuff brought by e.g. Malignant Records. This is stuff I definitely pass next time.

Website: www.attenuationcircuit.wix.com/attenuation-circuit#!__emerge-desecrate


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