Emergence Music – EveryOne 432

Emergence Music - EveryOne

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Emergence Music – EveryOne 432
CD, Private Release, 2002

“EveryOne 432” expresses the joy of life in a way of a symphonic-oriented instrumental poem which lasts for over 70 minutes.
The composer, one David McCarthy from Washington State, is first of all a flutist who also knows his way in implementing electronic layers of sound and worldmusic-elements and mix them together in a lyrical and inviting way.

He has been able to transform his fascination for the gift of life and nature that surrounds us in a way that is admirable. In several passages it made me think of the former ’80 and ’90-albums of Austrian Musician Gandalf, but carrying lots of more flute overall. The sixth track is the only (female) vocal track.

Soundquality and production are awesome for a private released cd. This one is more than a good investment in nowadays contemporary instrumental music.

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