E=motion – Infinite Motion

E=motion - Infinite Motion

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E=motion – Infinite Motion
CD-R, Underwater Music/Syngate, 2002/2003

Electronic music from Polen made by one Jacek Spruch aka E=Motion. “Infinite Motion”” is his debut-cd, which was first released in private, but in 2003 it was re-released as a cd-r by Syngate.

Well, fans of rhythmic, powerful and melodic music will surely find something here, as Jacek starts digging his way through 50 minutes of up-tempo compositions in which influences of Kraftwerk (“Circular Movement”) and trance-music are apparent next to the fact that traces of typical German electronic music can’t be denied as well.

The album closes with the 18-minute track “Beyond the History”, which gave me the impression things are quite overdone: the rhythmic music keeps going on while Jacek continues soloing, but in the meanwhile the whole thing doesn’t have a clear direction nor a proper content.
This is proved in the end when the track starts fading out although the whole thing is still going on.

I personally prefer the former seven shorter tracks, in which his own musical signature is expressed much stronger.


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