Enh – Body of Blue

Enh - Body of Blue


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Enh – Body of Blue
CD, Gterma , 2013

Enh is the moniker of Ian Handsley, who resides in an old hotel in a small fishing village on Japan’s Pacific coast. The full-length “Body of Blue” is assembled from some reworked material of Enh’s previous “Anori Radar” mini-album along a number of unreleased tracks and remixes.

What we got here is a very nice work of mellow, soft sparkling and pulsating ambient inspired by nature’s phenomena happening along the coast line, the different characters of these various types of weather systems and the Ennui-population, who live in a breathtakingly beautiful but also very remote and isolated area up.

This narrative-shaped, inner-travelling but not that quiet music features lush, slow progressive and gentle washes of soundscape textures along more down-tempo-ish and sequenced outings. I very much like its spatial, ethereal sound design and the positive intensity smoothly running underneath all this. Of all pieces, the great sixth track “Cicadarama” is the most immersing.

To me, these pure, uplifting and soothing ambiences evoke grand atmospheres, spectacular cinematic imagery and a profound sense of comfort. I can only second the label’s description that Ian’s ethereal and nicely intensifying soundscapes reach into the otherworld, allowing a tired mind to drift into a deep sonic ocean.
Well accomplished, Mr Handley.

Website: www.soundcloud.com/enh


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