Enterphase – Solar Promenades

Enterphase - Solar Promenades

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Enterphase – Solar Promenades

When we talk about fine space music from the USA, we should now forget about the cosmic voyages undertaken by Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert, aka Enterphase. Ten years previous to this album, they produced their first effort “Phase One”, followed by “Phase 2” in 1998.

For the 66-minute “Solar Promenades”, they invited the help of David Wright, Dean de Benedictis and John Dumitru on a couple of tracks, who contribute tasty additional synth work and sound design to six of the 11 pieces. As on their previous works, the outer space mood and feel is culled up in a similar dreamy and overtly relaxed fashion, gliding gently though the grand design of the galaxy with lots of lush synth washes, sound fx’s along occasional melodic touches and holdback sequencer lines. Notable pieces here are opening (title) piece, “Snow Paths” and the gracious “Ice & Lace”.

Some lengthier compositions turn up in second half of the release. Here, the outcome ventures into deeper, more profound but still friendly space territory, starting with the atmospheric “Ray Bradbury’s Ghost” and the soft soaring musings of “Time Unbound”. On the 10-minute finale “For You”, the cosmic journey winds down in subtle motion, warm pads, voice, soaring solo voices and piano.
Space music fans should keep an eye on this release, of which some hardcopies are still available.



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