Entheogenic – Flight of the Urubus

Entheogenic - Flight of the Urubus

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Entheogenic – Flight of the Urubus
CD, Universal Symbiosis Records, 2008

The electronic band Entheogenic, founded in 1999, are the UK-duo Helmut Glavar and Piers Oak-Rhind which seem to be known for their peculiar mixture of tribal instruments, Eastern and Western (sampled) vocals and creative doze of electronics.

Furthermore I learned the Entheogenic project considers it their mission “to create the perfect visual soundscapes to help enhance and illuminate the mind within the entheogenic experience”(whatever that may be).

“Flight of the Urubus” is the band’s fifth album which combines environmental sound recordings with lots of sampled (voice)sounds, bass, guitar and acoustic sources, the latter giving the groovy outcome an organic feel.

Nonetheless, the outcome sounds rather freaky and rough to my ears next to not really meeting my taste of electronics. Those willing to give this down-tempo techno album a shot, listen to the soundbites on their website before taking the next step.

Website: www.entheogenic.net


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