Enya – Amarantine

Enya - Amarantine

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Enya – Amarantine
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Warner Music, 2005

Enya’s album “Amarantine” took five years in the making. Although I only know her first two albums, her typical musical signature hasn’t changed when you hear the first sounds of this record. There still are the lush and overall warm symphonic chords, bell sounds and piano, accompanied by Enya’s serene voice.

This time she doesn’t sing any Gaelic, but presents a song in Japanese and another three tracks in an invented customised language. “Drifting” is the only instrumental track among them, and of course there is a Christmas song found at the end of the album: “Amid the falling snow”.
Well, again mission completed in the commercial sense, but unfortunately the very well produced music doesn’t bring anything new.

Website: www.enya.com


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