Enya – And Winter Came

Enya - And Winter Came

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Enya – And Winter Came
CD, Warner Music, 2008

November 7th, 2008 saw the release of Enya’s seventh studio album “And Winter Came”, an album reflecting the feel of the winter season.

Don’t expect anything new here, as the typical, at times sweeping and orchestral instrumentation has remained exactly the same, as has the velvet voice of Enya as we know it from her previous albums.
The Enya-formulae applies 100% to the 12 songs on the cd, which nicely kicks off with the strong title track, and instrumental piece that beautifully hails back to the great impact of her album “Watermark”.

The album also contains reworked versions of two traditional Christmas songs (“O Come, Come, Emmanuel”) and the in Celtic language sung “Oiche Chiuin” (Silent Night).

All in all, the smooth and predictable sonic content of “And Winter came” sure will make it another winner at the cash-box, although its more of the same music.

Website: www.enya.com


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