Erez Yaary – Nibiru

Erez Yaary - Nibiru

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Erez Yaary – Nibiru
CD-R, Private Release, 2003

“Nibiru” is a concept album by the Israeli musician Erez Yaary, who already has composed five albums. The cd depicts the musical voyage of “Niburu, which is thought to be the 10th planet of the solar system that is affecting Neptune and Pluto’s orbits.

Well, overall this is an atmospheric treat with some (ethnic) voice-samples, featuring lots of wavering textures with a slight heavenly edge.
Next to some sedate tracks there’s also room for a bit more rhythmic/dance stuff on “Alchemy of the Mind”, which doesn’t really fit in here, although it’s a nice try.
Next to several weak, slightly experimental and too common sounding passages (“Remote Viewing” should have been skipped as well) in the music I also encountered a few unnecessary drop-outs and cracks in the sound spectrum.

Recently, the album has also come available through Bernd Scholl’s MellowJet Records.



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