Erez Yaary – Signal

Erez Yaary - Signal

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Erez Yaary – Signal
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mellowjet Records, 2013

From the beginning of this album I felt there’s something’s dearly missing in Mr Yaary’s general melodic, minimal-sequencer oriented and technological-sounding electronic music: it’s emotion.

The soaring string parts or the Jarre-ish sound pads used occasionally can’t erase that in any of the six tunes that make up “Signal” (an almost a completely analogue synthesis release according to the composer).

Despite the work of melting orchestral and synthesized sounds and melodies, the outcome sounds rather bleak, chilly. The compositions themselves aren’t that attractive either. All in all, I’ve heard better and less static vintage Em with lots intrinsic warmth of its own.



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