Eric van der Heijden – Cosmic Flight No. 3

Eric van der Heijden - Cosmic Flight No. 3

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Eric van der Heijden – Cosmic Flight No. 3
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2003

“Cosmic Flight no. 3” is Eric’s third album, which was released five years after his great cd “Da Capo”.

It actually premiered on E-Live 2003, where Eric also performed live. The music shows a more own style, although his roots can still be detected in various pieces.
In addition, it delves into deeper, cosmic atmospheres, which strongly correlate to space travel and the idea of travelling through third dimensional spheres.

This is well expressed by e.g. the title track (which displays all the ingredients used on the cd) and the piece “On the Third Day”, where beautiful cosmic layers unfold.
A touch of romance and intimacy is never far away on this well-produced recording , as is nicely featured on “tri ode part 2 – eternal triangle”.

The ninth track “3rd Life” is a nice live outtake from a M.O.R.E. concert in Germany back in 1990, which again shows the special chemistry taken place between Ron and Eric when they play music together.

The closing track “Trilogic Theory” takes the listener down to earth again with its anthem-like, gentle washes of sound.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable and well executed piece of work with both engaging symphonic and emotional moods plus some nice additional solo’s.


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