Eric van der Heijden – Da Capo

Eric van der Heijden - Da Capo


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Eric van der Heijden – Da Capo
CD, Groove Unlimited, 1998

After seven long years of waiting and ongoing requests from fans for new music, October 1998 finally saw the release of Eric van der Heijden’s second album “Da Capo”.

The music on “Da Capo” shows a far stronger influence from the warm music by Vangelis, who’s output Eric likes a lot.
It also reflects a large array of emotions, as Eric was going through a rough period in his life.

One can clearly hear some classical influences shine through the carefully crafted textures with subtle piano, nicely counter pointed by powerful drums, percussion and complex sequencer patterns, while Eric also keeps an eye on nice details.

And there’s the hidden “Track 36” at the end, which is a great knock-out piece of work, which blends Eric’s various styles.

Let there be no doubt “Da Capo” is a strong, very well composed and produced musical statement.
Great job, Eric !


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