Eric van der Heijden – Dal Segno

Eric van der Heijden - Dal Segno


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Eric van der Heijden – Dal Segno
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2011

Eric van der Heijden is one of the purveyors of passionate and quality electronic music from our lower lands. On “Dal Segno”, his fourth release, Eric continues his sonic sojourn, bringing honest human emotions very close to his listeners.

Bridging the grandness of symphonic music with delicate Vangelis flavoured miniatures (“The Inner Self”), his musical endeavours also air reflective and at times even neo-classical along romantic feelings. The intimate and quiet “Feel” is an absolute gem that made me shed a few tears of pure joy. In my opinion, it can sit next to Vangelis’ “La Petite Fille De La Mer”.

The evocative, lyrical music is smoothly set in motion on “Sign of Life”, where the violin parts and solo voice lift the outcome to a higher plan. After that, cascading sequences, great Wavestation pads, piano, soft rhythms and lyric solo voices make up the positive and sparkling “Joy of Being”.

Contemplative musings make up the foundation of the 13-minute “Beyond the dream lies Universal Love”. This piece becomes more lively as it unfolds, even offering an expressive, lengthy solo next to Harold van der Heijden’s great drumming. After that we end up at the album’s impressive, cinematic-oriented title track, displaying Eric’s signature throughout. The finale of the album is the 18-minute “The Journey”, a catchy neo-classical/symphonic outing on which Eric is joined by his musical friends Frank Dorittke on e-guitar and his nephew Harold van der Heijden on drums.

All in all, the passionate “Dal Segno” communicates from heart-to-heart and face-to-face in a simple, honest way with its listener. Inhale its magic and sense how rich life actually is…


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