Eric van der Heijden – Universal Time Zone

Eric van der Heijden - Universal Time Zone

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Eric van der Heijden – Universal Time Zone
CD, Synteam/ Groove Unlimited, 1991/1998

Musician Eric van der Heijden is a close friend of Ron Boots, who met each other at the Klemdag 1989, which actually was the start of a long-time friendship which lasts until today.

Ron invited Eric at his home and encouraged him to make more music after he had heard Eric’s first composition “Time is Running”, which was made with the D-50 synthesizer.

Several tracks would follow, which all ended up on the 1990-cassette “Lightning Times”, which was officially released on the Eindhoven-based Synteam label (a private label for electronic music founded by Ron Boots and Bas Broekhuis).
Later on, the pieces of the cassette formed the basis for the cd “Universal Time Zone”.

Eric’s accessible music is overall melodic, warm and full of emotion. It keenly combines engaging sound textures, rhythms and nice sequencing, in which occasionally influences of both Tangerine Dream and Vangelis shine through.

Note: The album was re-released in 1998 on Groove Unlimited.


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