Erik Seifert – Aotearoa

Erik Seifert - Aotearoa

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Erik Seifert – Aotearoa
CD-R, Syngate, 2006

I think I’m one of the many who were impressed by Seifert’s album “Trust Avis”, and listening to his new concept album “Aotearoa” even gives me more thrills.

It’s a well produces concept-cd on New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, on which Erik mixes harmonious chords, and great sequencing with tribal influences.
Within the seven tracks, there’s only one atmospheric outing, “Greenstone”, a slowly flowing and tranquil piece to make your mind wander.
The other tracks mingle rhythm, lush synth cords and fx’s with a great sense of melancholy, nice highlighted on the two-sided title track.

This is fresh and captivating electronic music of engaging sounds and melodies plus excellent percussion to support it.
Make sure you grab a copy of this.


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