Erik Seifert – Astronomical Unit

Erik Seifert - Astronomical Unit

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Erik Seifert – Astronomical Unit
CD, Spheric Music, 2008

“Astronomical Unit”, Erik Seifert’s fourth album (but his first on Spheric Music), was officially released February 8th 2008, and actually is a live album.

The music of the concept album, dealing with the astronomical unit that refers to the distance between the sun and the earth, contains some great new music (which synced to the projected pictures at the show) Erik played at his concert at the Planetarium Bochum in November 2006.

The 55 minutes of accessible, spherical music was composed with Ableton live, and continues in the tradition of melodic, Berliner inspired music, and has a strong cinematic impact.
Lush waves of space textures, flowing sequencers (showing up from the third track on), choirs, fx’s and some spoken words create a cosmic atmosphere taking the listener into the wonders and realms of what is “out there”.
It’s a great melodic ride into the far reaches of the cosmos, stylistically in line of Jean Michel Jarre and the modern Tangerine, but most of all typical and well produced Erik Seifert music.

These 55 minutes of inspired, relaxing music are a great treat for the ears. Very nicely rendered and executed, Erik!


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