Erik Seifert – Core

Erik Seifert - Core

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Erik Seifert – Core
CD, PleasureSoundMusic, 2009

“Core” is a concept album on the Large Hadron Collider (a huge particle accelerator in Switzerland used for high-energy physics research), which took Erik Seifert three years of work to complete.
For the music, he envisioned to capture the power, energy and the technical beauty of this momumental project, while also giving it an overall soundtrack-like character.

Like the LHC-project itself, the uninterrupted sonic outcome is one of grand design, offering a lot of sampled and spacious in-your-face effects accompanying the highly cinematic electronics.

Listening to Erik’s atmospheric creations, especially to the surface on “AD”, creates a gracious, futuristic space in real-time, while his more melodic excursions (such as the openingtrack “LHC”) gently and accessible describe the realm in which things at the Hadron Collider happen.

Toward the end, the album is set more and more in motion with smooth and tasty up-tempo passages.
The last piece on the cd (“Wunderwerk”) is actually a track by Stefan Erbe, which Erik nicely reworked with his kind permission, as he thought it fitted nicely in the same concept.

All in all, “Core” doesn’t disappoint on any level. Mission well accomplished, Erik!


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