Erik Wøllo – Airborne

Erik Wøllo - Airborne


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Erik Wøllo – Airborne
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2012

Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Erik Wøllo already has a beautiful, extensive list of solo and collaborative releases under his belt, to which “Airborne” makes a great addition.

Known for his highly emotive and sensitive approach, Erik again has incorporated minimal, contemporary and symphonic styles in his music that lend the melodic, highly cinematic outcome an uplifting, journey-like and overal positive feel.

The 67-minutes of nicely floating, slightly forward-driven music spread out over twelve tracks, is a beautiful alchemy of electronic pads, groovy-oriented sequencer patterns, along various e-guitars and percussive elements. Being reflective, adventurous and passionate in nature, the lush sonic painting spreads an impeccable grandeur with exciting and sparkling undercurrents that make it a happy and unhurried flight over unexplored, imaginary landscapes with broad vistas.

All in all, besides the introspective, smoothly drifting aerial passages, “Airborne” acchieves a great dreamy flow with its continuous ambient voyage of expansive, warm soundscapes and the right dose of tasty guitar licks and rhythm. As usual, the spacious sound design and mastering by Mr Wøllo are superb.


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