Erik Wøllo – Blue Radiance

Erik Wøllo - Blue Radiance

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Erik Wøllo – Blue Radiance
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2015

From the first notes on this recording its clear Erik’s characteristic sound design has stayed the same, lining up easily next to the emotive instrumental music of e-guitars, assorted rhythms and synths we’ve accustomed to in previous years.

Imaginative, sparkling and with an eye to detail are keywords for his sonorous journey-oriented music. Meanwhile, the unhurried sonic scenery is still infused by that distinct vibe found in Arctic ambient music and comes up with a melancholic (under)current shimmering through.
I keep a weak spot for Wøllo’s textural, non-rhythmic outings, such as the soft glowing “Moon Above”, the pastoral “Crystal Orbits” and the immersive guitar/piano/synth composition “Sepia”. These would all do very well as music for nature documentaries.

“Blue Radiance” offers no surprises, just straightforward and solid musicianship from a Norwegian multi-instrumentalist who knows his ways into lush, meticulously crafted soundworlds.


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