Erik Wøllo – Cloud of Strings

Erik Wøllo - Cloud of Strings

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Erik Wøllo – Cloud of Strings

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2023

“Clouds of Strings” sees a return of talented Scandinavian multi-instrumental artist Erik Wøllo to his first love: the acoustic guitar. In more than one way, the 12 melodic moodscapes reflect on his previous releases “Guitar Nova” (1998) and “Blue Sky, Red Guitars” (2004) while exploring the possibilities of the instrument further at the same time.

As Erik recalls, there’s no single electronic sound to be found on the 56-minute “Cloud of Strings” as the music features the emotive sounds of an array of acoustic guitars merged with various stringed instruments as well as percussion from hand drums, shakers, and triangles. All these are poured into expansive shimmering atmospheric, dreamy, and ethereal tonal poems. I for one find it most refreshing as quite some of his recent electronic releases became rather same-ish to my ears….


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