Erik Wøllo – Echotides

Erik Wøllo - Echotides

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Erik Wøllo – Echotides
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2015

The atmospheric/cinematic and overtly relaxed music which Mr Wøllo offers on the 43-minute EP “Echotides” will suit all who love Erik’s contemplative ambient style and expansive textural outings.

The uplifting and positive approach already featured on the opening piece is one of pure delight, later on shifting to introspective, slow motion soundscaping and lush electric guitar musings wherein melody is rather sparse. Even washes of melancholy shines through the veins of this album, most notably on “Echotides No. 6”.

The releases refined and carefully molded sonic minimalism has ended up in the creation of seven instrumental tracks built upon interacting fragments of sound and processed textures, all blended together and forming a constant morphing endless flow. As such, it gives an appealing voice to the cyclic, natural and harmonic evolving manner of the music, inspired by the natural phenomena echo and tides.


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