Erik Wøllo – Emotional Landscapes

Erik Wøllo - Emotional Landscapes


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Erik Wøllo – Emotional Landscapes
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2003

“Emotional Landscapes” is Erik’s third cd for Spotted Peccary’s-sublabel Wanderings, and again it’s an excellent one.

In the first few minutes you remember the overall impact of his former awesome album “Wind Journey”. Hearing the beauty of these new serene sound textures makes clear that a lot of personal feelings were involved as the longstretched serene synth-tapetries unfold bit by bit.

The melancholic impact of this recording is startling.These are strong visionary landscapes for the mind, masterfully built by e-guitar, synths, bass and percussion.

There’s some beautiful introspective cello featured on tracks five (the only track were things get more powerful and more rhythmic) and nine by talented guest musician Liv Frengstad, even more increasing emotional atmosphere. The closing track “Echo of Night/Cadence” really makes you drift into eternity ..

All in all, this album is an absolute winner, holding something for everyone who loves expansive ambient music.


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