Erik Wøllo – Gateway

Erik Wøllo - Gateway


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Erik Wøllo – Gateway
CD, Projekt Records, 2010

For years, Erik Wøllo is known for his expert skills in building highly imaginary and emotional music, building a bridge between grand symphonic realms and gentle, serene atmospheres.

On “Gateway”, his 14th solo release, Erik takes things to a new exciting level, offering a 70-minute grand breathing space of sparkling guitar work and expansive electronics which acts as a metaphor of multiple inner sonic landscapes.

Moreover, this fine-tuned collection of well shaped, sculptured and crafted compositions reveals a fine eye for detail, which sees Mr Wøllo display his lyrical music on a giant virtual canvas while it smoothly morphs through lighter and darker environments and shades.

In its core depths, one can occasionally hear shimmers inspired by the haunting Scandinavian landscapes making Erik’s music a celebration expressed through both poignant and melodic leads as the more sedate, introspective musings.

The 12 carefully sequenced parts found on “Gateway” merge the best of both worlds as we look out over a vast but always harmonic and logical sonic scenery that seems to reveal new corners, heights and depths at very new spin of the album in the cd-player.

I classify “Gateway” as another key-recording for all lovers of evocative ambient and symphonic orchestrated sound painting. Chapeau, Erik!


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