Erik Wøllo – North Star

Erik Wøllo - North Star

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Erik Wøllo – North Star
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2021

With “North Star”, accomplished musician Erik Wollo brings his audience a highly emotive and imaginary journey inspired by The North Star, the beacon up in the sky which guided human travel for many years. It’s another quality recording with a lush, expansive sound design, most of all guitar-oriented as it is based upon multiple layers of sustained Ebow guitar in line of Erik’s 2019 release “Infinite Moments”. Combos of smooth synth pads, sustained e-guitar and percussion merge sophisticatedly, painting a melodic (sometimes minimalist-shaped) sonic ambience unfolding quiet and almost poetic before the mind’s eye.

The 51-minute result is timeless, overall relaxing and a fine companion to make your mind wander off.


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