Erik Wøllo – Recurrence

Erik Wøllo – Recurrence

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Erik Wøllo – Recurrence

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2021

It’s hard to keep up with the releases of Norwegian artist Erik Wøllo, who´s able to offer a dreamlike, cinematic journey on almost every recording, merging profound and timeless atmospheric paintings with processed acoustic/e-guitar, sequencers, and other assorted rhythmic components in a sophisticate, elegant manner.

Like his previous works, “Recurrence” submerges the listener in an alternate reality, a sonic narrative with minimalist stylings told without words, where it’s left up to the listener to form his own inner images. I’d say there’s also a boundless, celestial yet uplifting current along with a sense of the majestic running through it all.

Those getting the download version of the album will receive three additional tracks not present in the 64-minute physical edition of “Recurrence”.


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