Erik Wøllo – Sources (Early Works 1986-1992)

Erik Wøllo - Sources (Early Works 1986-1992)


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Erik Wøllo – Sources (Early Works 1986-1992)
Lp/CD, Smalltown Supersound, 2019

On this recording we travel back in time to early Norwegian ambient music when composer Erik Wøllo did various sessons and formative pieces between his albums “Dreams Pyramid”, “Traces” (1985) and “Silver Beach” (1987). The collection was mostly created with a Roland MSQ 700 sequencer, in real time with several MIDI synths/modules recorded directly to either a 2-track stereo recorder or 4-track Tascam Portastudio. Wøllo reflects the music was made on impulse and with an eagerness to create, and not so much a big thought about releasing the material.

The 10 tracks featured (forming a surprising cohesive whole) are all previously unreleased gentle synthscapes creating moody, lush and serene atmospheres where hints of minimalism slumbers underneath and in between the cinema-esq, introspective and occasionally even uplifting outcome. It makes “Sources” a must-have release for all who love ambient spherics and Erik’s fine music.

Website: www.wollo.comYou can see what reviews I have done of this artist on the Erik Wøllo artist page


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