Erik Wøllo – Timelines

Erik Wøllo - Timelines

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Erik Wøllo – Timelines
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2014

More than on any of his latest albums, Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Erik Wøllo here attempts to combine acoustic elements with electronic elements sophisticatedly, while arranging the outcome in a cinematic, orchestral way.

In the process of creating the music for his 18th solo album “Timelines” (on which work started around March 2013), Mr Wøllo used his guitars as an underlying element together with the synthesizers to make the music organic and engaging, focusing on more fragmented melodic ingredients.

Moreover, “Timelines” is best regarded as more groove based but also emotive project, a mix of very close and down to earth rhythmical elements and an overall spacious sound design. Here, the sonic esthetics of synthesizers, overtly mellow and soft glowing percussion and guitars complement each other nicely while Erik’s typical musical trademark and minimalistic approach shines all the way.

Although “Timelines” doesn’t break any new ground, the 54-minutes of stark mellow music offers a comfortable ride altogether.

Keep this one in mind if you’re looking for warm, melodic and soft shimmering ambient paintings.


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