Erik Wøllo – Tundra

Erik Wøllo - Tundra

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Erik Wøllo – Tundra
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2014

The atmospheric music on the 5-track/30-minute EP “Tundra” lines up to the contemporary sounding outcome featured on Erik’s full-length “Timelines”. At the same time though, it incorporates traditional world music elements by blending it with sound samples, chants and throat singing from Arctic indigenous people. It lends a pleasant organic flavor to the sequenced rhythmic and rather cinematic mood music, in which Mr Wøllo’s e-guitar takes on a more laid-back position.

The melodic oriented “Taiga” comes forward more upfront, while still spreading warm layers of textures, contrary to the minimalist, powerful tribal-rhythmic and chant driven “The Native Chant”. “Swirled Lights” ends the Ep in ethereal, atmospheric mode most comfortably.


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