Erik Wøllo – Wind Journey

Erik Wøllo - Wind Journey


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Erik Wøllo – Wind Journey
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2001

This is Erik’s second cd on Spotted Peccary’s sublabel Wanderings, and this time the content is much more electronic.

“Wind Journey” contains 70 minutes of beautiful instrumental music, divided over 23 tracks. It indeed feels like a great journey as we take off with great uplifting textures, lyrical acoustic and electric guitar and flute sounds. At times it made me think of the music of Char-El, Mind over Matter and the older music of Gandalf.

Erik has a great ear for details and the overall balance of sounds, as he takes us on an emotional as spectacular trip through the higher atmospheres with great views.

In the middle of the album we encounter the “Season Suite”, divided in ten chapters, after which Erik recaptures the feeling of the first part of the album on the last five tracks.

It’s only a pity the closing track “Home” sounds empty and uninspired, as it absolutely doesn’t have the same high quality or impact as heard on the previous tracks. It’s a left-over that should be on this disc at all.

All in all, “Wind Journey” is grand piece of work of impeccable sound quality!

P.S. The Spotted Peccary label re-released a special download-only remastered edition of the album in June 2018.


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