Erren – Fleissig – Schöttler – Steffen – Night on Ouddorp

Erren - Fleissig - Schöttler - Steffen - Night on Ouddorp


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Erren – Fleissig – Schöttler – Steffen – Night on Ouddorp
CD, Private Release , 2014

Back in November 2010, German musicians Jörg Erren, Bert Fleißig, Jochen Schöttler and Christian Steffen recorded their first set of improvised recordings together, of which an excerpt would end up on the cd-r “Ouddorp Tapes”. In 2012, this release would be followed by another week of jam sessions in the same Dutch coastal village, making up “Ouddorp Takes”.

And now there’s “Night in Ouddorp”, derived from recordings made in early 2014 at the same location, featuring a moody and rhythmic set of still analogue-based music where the four musicians take the listener out on a nightly walk through the surroundings of Ouddorp. “Gate”, “Oblivion” and “Circling” are tasty and accessible vintage pieces which fans of Redshift, Arcane, Node or Arc will enjoy a lot.

Contrary to these, “Haunted” , “Rituals” and “Trails” head into more adventurous territory, pairing darker-oriented atmospheric textures with captivating, powerful Berliner School sequencing and slightly alienating spheres, all without losing the playful, melodic element.
The non-rhythmic/sequencer “Dissolution”, the final track on the album, even tops the nocturnal mood and feel with immersive, free form soundscapes. This highlight alone makes most curious what these guys could achieve even more in the soundscape genre, leaving out sequencer or rhythm for the most part.

All in all, if one is into fresh and quite crispy sounding vintage sonic liquor, the well-produced, mixed and mastered “Night in Ouddorp” will make a satisfying trip.


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