Erren – Fleissig – Schöttler – Steffen – Ouddorp Takes

Erren - Fleissig - Schöttler - Steffen - Ouddorp Takes


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Erren – Fleissig – Schöttler – Steffen – Ouddorp Takes
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

Word about this album has been floating around in electronic music circles for a short while, as it seems to contain some nicely rendered old-school electronic music made with a fine assortment of vintage hardware. Investigating the recording with my own ears turned out a fun thing to do.

The outcome, established by the German quartet Jörg Erren, Bert Fleißig, Jochen Schöttler and Christian Steffen, materialized as the musicians took a week off for jamming together in the Dutch village mentioned in the album title. Well, their love for modular synthesizers has led to 54-minutes of tasty vintage electronics, both atmospheric and sequencer-driven, but taking its own crispy, adventurous approach towards it. “Ouddorp 8.1”.and “10” fit in the accessible, rhythmic/sequencer-driven Berlin School style, while e.g. the quirky “11” ventures into abstract, challenging soundfields. I personally think the final “Ouddorp 14” is the best effort on the album, merging the best of atmospheric and sequencing in a vibrant, joyful manner.

These guys just come out and play in the moment, delivering a very convincing outcome that fans of vintage analogues shouldn’t miss out on.


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