Erren – Fleissig – Schöttler – Steffen – Ouddorp Tapes

Erren - Fleissig - Schöttler - Steffen - Ouddorp Tapes

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Erren – Fleissig – Schöttler – Steffen – Ouddorp Tapes
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

This debut release of the German quartet started the journey of alchemy where good old Berlin School style was executed and graced with new, unusual sonic splendor.
The 79-minute outcome happened in November 2010 when Jorg Erren, Bert Fleissig, Jochen Schöttler and Christian Steffen enjoyed themselves with their assorted analogue gear during a vacation in the Dutch coastal village Ouddorp.

Relying on their skills and improvisation, applying no MIDI, no multi-tracking, nor any kind of overdubs or editing, the result of the jam sessions sure is an edgy, adventurous and at times a even a gloomy spirit present in sound and approach. No nice melodic lines or polished sounds here, although there’s also a mellower, ambient side (e.g. “IV”, “VII”) at times to the intriguing vintage sounds and deep sequences as they come to fruition on each of the eight pieces without any goal set.

“VI” is a lengthier excursion where all elements and flavors come forward in slightly foreboding, psychedelic fashion. “VIII” makes a great outro with its deep beats and hovering pads. Overall, these analogues with a twist will be rewarding for those not looking for the easy way, wanting to experience the intrinsic power and feel of retro electronics.

The cd-r edition of “Ouddorp Tapes” is no longer available, but the download still is.


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