Eternell – Imagined Distances

Eternell - Imagined Distances


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Eternell – Imagined Distances
CD-r/Digital Download, Sound in Silence Records, 2020

It’s good to know there’s music (like this) around to escape to, a place of repose far away from the complex, fast-forward racing, and demanding world around us.

Swedish musician Ludvig Cimbrelius, aka Eternell, has created a distant aural world,  existing somewhere across the horizon where utter calm opens the doorway to an expanse, a homely house, where only fluid, highly immersive, smooth spiraling and uplifting soundscapes roam.

“Imagined Distances” offers six ambient journeys to a safe place beyond, merging the blissful, ethereal, and meditative expertly, altogether making up a floating, weightless aural vehicle embracing the listener with multiple warm rays of the sun. The 20-minute “Singularity” is the true gem here when I’m concerned.

This fine recording, incorporating various wistful and nostalgic vibes, will definitely soothe mind, body, and soul. Nice going, Ludwig!




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