Ethereal 77 – Landscapes

Ethereal 77 - Landscapes

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Ethereal 77 – Landscapes
CD, Basedaddy, 1999

Before composer Ulrich Schnauss started releasing music under his own name, he made one full-length album and an Ep under the alias Ethereal 77.

“Landscapes” is the highly melodic and crisp drum & bass outcome, both ethereal and groovy. It offers a jolly, uplifting and warm sound overall, with magic currents and tantalizing vibes running through and underneath each of the nine up-tempo tracks. Of the latter it’s quite clear the almost 10-minute “Somnambulism” is the highlight on this lively and well-produced release.

All in all, these active, drum-driven electronic pieces, all presented in a continuous flow, are a great to step out of reality for a while, (which is also one of the main reasons why the composer started to compose and listen to music in the first place).
A fun-release.



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