Etherfysh – The Sundered Sky

Etherfysh - The Sundered Sky

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Etherfysh – The Sundered Sky
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2019

After a lengthy hiatus of 17 years, Etherfysh –aka Chris Christou- returns to the electronic music scene with “The Sundered Sky”, a 5-track release recorded partially in 2007 (backing tracks to: “Sundered Sky”, “Nightsands” and “The Dying Earth”) and the summer/early autumn of 2018. It was originally intended to be an archival compilation recording to place alongside the original versions and thus start the second chapter of this work, as Chris had the original multi-tracks and midi to “Bloodstone” and “Rotation” but only the demos of the other pieces mentioned above.

Thus began a re-recording process of the first two and restoration and overdubbing of the others but after mastering them it turned out that the result altogether made a cohesive and compelling album in their own right. Overall, there’s a relaxed, symphonic-angled and occasional soundtrack-ish touch to the featured music, which soars along in soundscape and gentle sequenced form. The almost 17-minute title track, using a heavier string of sequences, presents itself a tad more profound and intense without departing from a certain lushness shimmering through the leaves of the whole piece. And despite the sad title, “The Dying Earth” has a lovely lightness, positive sweeping and ethereal feel to it.

Footnote from the composer: “Bloodstone” and “Nightsands” are featured in their raw states on the “Psyquarium” live album as part of the continuous piece “Orbit of the Firestone”.



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