Ethernet – Tanuki Dreams

Ethernet - Tanuki Dreams

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Ethernet – Tanuki Dreams
CD, Gterma, 2014

Ethernet is a project by Portland-based sound designer Tim Gray. Most of the hypnotizing, atmospheric and spacious outcome of “Tanuki Dreams” has been collected from the best tracks that appeared previously on several EP’s released through Bandcamp, plus a track done for a compilation (the dub-ish “Kamo River”) and a previously unreleased track (“Reversal of Time”).

The 77-minute minimal current of slow slumbering and morphing ambient soundscapes incorporates ethereal elements next to slight drone and dub influence. It makes up an intense, deep and hallucinatory listening experience with an assortment of echoing textures, especially when experienced through a good pair of headphones. The latter will intensify the trance-inducing sonic effects and lighten-up the many details that surface between the lines on this meticulously compiled and produced ambient recording.



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