Evan Bartholomew – Caverns of Time

Evan Bartholomew - Caverns of Time


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Evan Bartholomew – Caverns of Time
CD, Somnia, 2007

“Caverns of Time” is the first release on the new Somnia-label, founded by Evan Bartholomew, aka Bluetech.

Evan explains the music “explores a mythical journey into subconscious realms, and is an attempt to explore the deep waters through an experience of sound”.

The cd contains six free form tracks of breathtaking and very precise sound design which taps deep in the ambient sound well of e.g. Brian Eno (especially the music explored on “Ambient I”) Robert Rich and Steve Roach.

It’s an textural drift full of emotional and soft swirling sounds which fold and unfold like ebb and flow.
Let there be no doubt this is an exquisite, highly recommended atmospheric recording with various minimal elements which will make the mind wander to far off places.

The excellent produced release is limited to 777 hand numbered copies and comes as beautiful designed hand stamped on hand made paper, hand sewn cd-sleeve, sealed with a wax stamp.
So be quick if you want one…

Website: bluetech.bandcamp.com


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