Evan Bartholomew – Secret Entries into Darkness

Evan Bartholomew - Secret Entries into Darkness

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Evan Bartholomew – Secret Entries into Darkness
CD, Somnia, 2008

“Secret Entries into Darkness” is the second sonic storytelling by Portland based musician Evan Bartholomew (aka Bluetech) on his newly founded Somnia-label.

Like it predecessor, it’s a limited release of only 777 hand numbered copies and comes as beautiful designed hand stamped on hand made paper, hand sewn cd-sleeve, sealed with a wax stamp.

The musical content is dense, cinematic ambient music that shifts through thick veils of mist and darkening cloudscapes. Overall, it’s more rhythmic compared to “Caverns of Time”, but also creates a strong isolated feeling: the listener is left in the dark territories at the very deep end of the album.

Although I feel this exercise at times is not always as strong as the first album, this slow morphing music will grow with every next spin in your cd player.
The carefully molded and shaped music unfolds in a sophisticated manner as the micro and pulse beats, groovy structures and textural atmospheres set out and touch down.
Certainly recommended for deeper listening.

Website: bluetech.bandcamp.com


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